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The floatation experience

From the moment you walk through the door until long after you have left us... we strive to give you a positive and relaxing experience that can change your entire day, maybe even your week.

Don't worry about bringing anything with you. We have everything you'll need.

We know how busy life can be and sometimes it's difficult to find any spare time but try to get here at least 15 minutes early. As with most things these days, there are a few formalities to go through. 

If it's your first session with us we will also talk you through the pre float / post float routine.

Should you drive to your session, please park in our car park right at the front of the float centre. This car park is visible to our staff and is also covered by CCTV 24hrs a day.


On arrival you'll be greeted by our staff and booked in to one of our float rooms. 

If its your first time with us, you'll be asked to complete a very basic health questionnaire. 

once completed, if your room is ready you can start your session. Inside the room you will find a towel, specialised ear plugs and float halo (this will be explained to you).

You must shower prior to your float and we provide amazing Lavender & Geranium 

'Faith in Nature' products to give you the most natural and kind shower gels and hair products on the market.

Once showered, simply ensure your ears are fully dry and pop in your ear plugs (these will also be explained to you).

You're ready to float.

Relax and drift

During your shower, the pod will have been filling if it wasn't filled prior to your arrival. Step inside, bring the pod door almost closed and take a seat.

Once you're comfortable, close the pod door fully, lay down and  

relax... take some deep breaths. You're floating!


The lights in the pod room will turn off automatically as the internal pod lights slowly dim along with soft music that allows your body and mind to calm.


Every float is different depending upon your current lifestyle and thought processes. Your mind may be instantly blank allowing deep relaxation or you may find it difficult at first. 

If you find yourself struggling to relax, try to lay and still as possible and begin taking slow deep breaths. 

Before you know it, you'll be more relaxed than you realise.  

Session time

All float sessions are 90 minutes long including pre / post float showering. This will give you at least 1 full hour of float time. 

If during your session, you accidentally itch your face or rub your eye without thinking, don't worry, it might sting a little due to the high level of salts but it should lessen in moments. 

If you find this is not the case, each pod has a fresh water spray inside. Calmly spray your face and wipe away any salts.

Get back to relaxing.

End of the session

Don't worry about falling asleep.

Once your session is over, low lighting will begin to illuminate the inside of the pod along with soft music to gently awaken you If you have drifted into delta or theta sleep (the most healing).

Once awake, open the pod door and slowly begin to sit up. Open the door fully and stand, taking care as to not rush. At this point, you may feel a little groggy due to the deep relaxation.

Post float

Take your time getting out of the pod and take another shower to wash away the excess salt build up on your body and hair.

Feel free to use our lovely natural products again or you may use your own if you have special requirements.

Leave your towel in the pod room and ear plugs in the bin provided. The room will now be cleaned for the next client.



By now you'll be feeling extremely relaxed!

Don't forget to drink the water provided and 

Enjoy your day!


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