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Clinical study list

Chronic pain & floating - 

Bending & Mending The Neuro Signature

Sven-Ake Bood - Karlstad University, Sweden - 2007

Chronic Whiplash-Associated Disorders & Their Treatment Using Flotation - REST

H Edebol, T Norlander, S A Bood - Article in Qualitative Health Research - 2008

Floatation REST Therapy Results in Pain Relief and Relaxation for Fibromyalgia Patients. London, Berlin, Colleyville & Rotterdam

Borrie R & Dr T Russell (2011)

The Effects of Flotation REST on the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia 

Roderick Borrie, Ph.D., Tamara Russell, Ph.D. and Stefan Schneider, Ph.D. 

Flotation for the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis - Clifton Mereday, Craig Lehmann and Roderick A. Borrie

A pilot study to evaluate the effects of floatation spa

treatment on patients with osteoarthritis

S. Hill, M.J.H. Eckett, C. Paterson, E. F. Harkness Private Practitioners

Help with stress through floating - 

Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) as a stress management tool - Dirk Van Dierendonck & Jan Te Nijenhuis

Relaxation and Interoceptive Awareness Using Floatation Therapy in Individuals With High Anxiety Sensitivity (2018)

Justin S. Feinstein, Sahib S. Khalsa, Hung Yeh, Obada Al Zoubi, Armen C. Arevian, Colleen Wohlrab, Marie K. Pantino, Laci J. Cartmell, W. Kyle Simmons, Murray B. Stein, and Martin P. Paulus

Performance & Enhancement

Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy and napping on mood state and muscle soreness in elite athletes: A novel recovery strategy? (2016)

Matthew W. Drillera,∗, Christos K. Argusb,c

The effects of floating on recovery from eccentric exercise 


Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

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